It started with a simple idea to create a game, but I needed a main character. Rather than use a generator, or work by another artist; I drew one. That then presented a new problem, I needed monsters in a matching style; and that is where it all began, Shades of Battler.

What started as a pet project has evolved into a database of over 100 battlers complete with animation-sheets, and its still growing. All of these are here, for wannabee developers and designers of their own games, free of charge for commercial and non-commercial alike.

I can’t do it alone, as it stands my time to dedicate to art and the creation of such works is being squeezed tight, withering away due to the monster that is finance. Become my patron via Patreon. Provide support via a small monthly donation, every little will help me stay for the long run.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Free for non-commercial games. Credit is appreciated and please do not claim them as your own.
  • Free for commercial use on the condition you sell me your soul! Scratch that, credit and prior notice is all that I ask…
  • Sharing of these battlers and edits is allowed but please link back to this site.
  • Please do not publicly share simple edits [re-scales, one-sliders]. Multiple near-identical versions can only lead to confusion.

For Credit please refer to me as ShadowHawkDragon, in the case you wish to include my logo all you have to is ask 😉

Additional Credits: Specified Battlers are based off designs by additional artists (Indicated by file-name prefix)
Please give credit where due and do not use commercially without first seeking their permission unless stated in their own terms and conditions.

insiredtangle [Blog]
~prefix: ispire-
~terms: https://inspiredtangle.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/underwater-egypt-battler-collab-shadowhawkdragon/

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~terms: contact for commercial use

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~terms: contact for commercial use