Actors and Items

static battlerThe time to start moving into a new realm of battlering is steadily approaching, Actors and humans. This new design of humans marks the beginning of actors to come.

The first is a proud warrior of the Fencer tribe, her sword may lack a strong edge but it sure does sting.



Furthering the adventure into the new I am staring on ‘large icons’ for use with Yanfly’s Item and Shop Core plugins.

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PSI Magic – by Solagrim

The battle between the Aurea and the Legion was never ending and lasted for several decades of centuries. Ten years ago, one of the Legion, a person named Damien, betrayed them to embark on a hopeful project to tame the Aurea and end the war. This resulted in the destruction of the world Pariah and the disturbance of the world of Espers and Magic.

Meet Psi Magic a RPG Maker game with a unique take on magic incorporated with sci-fi and digitally stylised thematics. Travel the world, delve into Psi-Space and take down crafty foes.

Enbark on this venture available via, challenge the mighty beasts such as the Eavua and Kraken.

While you’re at it see if you can track down those battlers of my own as they lie in wait to ambush unsuspecting foes.